How To Travel Like A Rising Star Chef

“…We asked the culinary wünderkinds nominated for this year’s James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef of the Year to tell us about their favorite dining destinations. From tracking down authentic New Orleans po’ boys to sampling ceviche in its native Peru, the young guns driving the country’s most innovative kitchens couldn’t wait to sing the praises of their favorite food cities, and their responses are sure to excite your culinary wanderlust.”


The 2019 James Beard Award Semifinalists

“We're thrilled to announce our 2019 Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists!

Rising Star Chef of the Year (Presented by S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water)

Valerie Chang and Nando Chang, ITAMAE, Miami”


Miami New Times Best Of Miami® 2019: Best Ceviche

“Ceviche is often served as an appetizer throughout South Florida, but at Itamae inside St. Roch Market in the Design District, takes center stage.”


The Best New Restaurants of 2018

“For instance, there’s now great Nikkei in Miami, creative Mexican in San Diego, and Venezuelan fusion in Lima.

While it’s always hard, impossible really, to categorize what ranks as any year’s best in a crowded and deserving field, the below embodies New Worlder’s second attempt at such distinction. Here, in no particular order, is our list of the 20 Best New Restaurant Openings of 2018:”

New Worlder

Where to Stay, and What to Eat, in Miami

“This Peruvian sushi kiosk inside the St. Roch Market in the Miami Design District is a true family affair. Run by the 26-year-old chef Val Chang, her older brother, Nando, and their father, Fernando, ITAMAE is a study in balance”

T Magazine - The New York TimeS

Here’s How to Eat Like a Local in (Almost) Every Neighborhood in Miami

“Food halls are all the rage in Miami, and inside this most-luxurious St. Roch Market in the fashionable Design District, you’ll find a host a good spots. One of my favorites is ITAMAE”

7 Best New Asian Restaurants In Miami & 3 Amazing Food-Hall Finds

“At St. Roch Market in the Design District, head to ITAMAE for Peruvian-inspired sushi like the Lost In Translation Roll”


Eater Young Guns 2018: Meet the Semifinalists

“Valerie Chang, grew up in Peru and moved to the United States when she was 10… After a few kitchen stints of her own — including at Michael Solomonov’s Miami location of Dizengoff, where she was able to incorporate some Peruvian touches into the mostly Israeli menu — she’s now the chef at family restaurant ITAMAE, where she cooks a Nikkei-inspired menu of Japanese-Peruvian dishes.”


Meet Fernando, Nando, and Valerie Chang of ITAMAE

“ITAMAE’s story is a family story at heart. Led by Chefs Fernando “Papa” Chang and his son and daughter Nando and Valerie, ITAMAE is about family. All three born and raised in Chiclayo, Peru.”


ITAMAE: The Shining Gem of St. Roch Market

“Nestled unsuspectingly in the back of the food hall, ITAMAE has already garnered local fame for its unique attack of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. ITAMAE is where you can get intricately rolled concoctions topped with fresh-as-can-be ceviche over the counter.”


Cheryl Tiu Is A World-Renowned Influencer Who Seeks Out Miami’s Best Food, Fashion and More

“I’m often at St. Roch Market at the Design District. I especially like Yuzu, which serves Southeast Asian fare by Andrew Zarzosa, and ITAMAE, which serves excellent Peruvian-Japanese food.”



These Star Chefs from the Design District Food Hall Are Opening A Sushi Spot In Wynwood

"ITAMAE is dropping a funky new track. The Peruvian sushi shop in the Design District, which has been acclaimed locally and nationally for their take on Peruvian-Japanese cuisine known as Nikkei, is opening a sushi-only restaurant in Wynwood.”


Fleeing Peru Tore Them Apart. But A Restaurant In Miami Pulled This Family Back Together

"They work in tight quarters here at Itamae, yet there is enough room for the love that bonds them. The three of them dance around one another behind a counter, where Nando, 30, and Val Chang, 27, make some of the city’s most exciting cuisine. Their take on Nikkei, the Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine endemic to Peru, is the reason they are the first brother-sister duo named semifinalists for a James Beard Foundation award, the highest honor for a chef.”


Meet Nikkei, the Bold, Colorful Mash-up of Peruvian and Japanese Cuisine

"A maki roll topped with salsa criolla, an olive-Kewpie purée, and thinly sliced octopus. Meet the modern iterations of Nikkei cuisine, a centuries-old mash-up of Peruvian and Japanese food that’s more than a passing trend."


Three More Restaurants That Nearly Made the National 38

"Miami’s dining scene is percolating these days: During a recent trip I had a ridiculously good soft-shell crab sandwich — and some beautiful takes on Japanese-Chinese-Peruvian dishes — at ITAMAE in the St. Roch Market Miami"


Latest Sizzle In Miami? Food Halls

“Not far away, among the international labels of the high-end Design District, is the St. Roch Market. Situated on an upper level just steps from Bulgari, Dior and Valentino and done in chic black-and-white, it’s a branch of a bigger, historic food hall in New Orleans. "

THe New York Times

Miami's Best Kept Secrets: 9 Chefs You Need To Know Right Now

“We spoke to eight local, “in-the-know” food people on their “Miami chefs to watch”—rising stars and up-and-coming talents who have either just moved to the city or are working at or running relatively new restaurants that have opened within the last year—who should definitely be on your radars, too.”


Miami’s 17 Essential Sushi Restaurants

“This Japanese-Peruvian outpost inside St. Roch Market features… specialty maki, rice bowls and even vegan rolls, all that nod to Chef Fernando Chang’s Peruvian heritage.”


Cholito Samurai: Nando Chang Explores Cultural Fusion Through Hip-Hop And Food

“At one of Miami’s new food halls, Nando Chang cuts a 20-pound salmon right before ending his shift at his family’s business, a Peruvian inspired sushi restaurant. But Chang’s job is not over after he leaves ITAMAE.”


The Ten Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami

“This stand inside the Design District's upscale food hall serves owner Fernando Chang's spin on Japanese-Peruvian food.”


Review: St. Roch Market in Miami is a fine, refined food hall

“Food halls and avocado toast are two of the biggest food fads going in South Florida. Things almost have gotten to the point where one cannot throw a piece of avocado toast without hitting a food hall. I’m not sure if avocado toast is offered at St. Roch Market in Miami, because I became too distracted (and stuffed) eating other things on recent visits: tuna tiradito from ITAMAE”